Global Warming: We’re in Hot Water Now

photo courtesy : NOAA image library

photo courtesy : NOAA image library

The science is indisputable: humans are pumping so many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, that we are warming the globe. Gases such as carbon dioxide from cars and power plants, and methane from livestock, crop farming and landfills trap heat and increase average global temperatures not only on land, but in the oceans as well. The effect of warmer water and increased carbon dioxide is dramatic.

Some marine species can’t survive the higher temperatures. And increases in carbon dioxide change the water chemistry, making it more acidic. One of the big impacts of increased acidity is that many shellfish can’t produce the shells they need for survival.

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Check out this great 4 minute video describing how global warming works and how we know humans are causing it.

And the Environmental Protection Agency has a good site, too.

What Can You Do?

Doing a few simple things may feel insignificant, but simple actions like turning off lights, conserving water, and recycling really do make a difference. Saving energy everywhere you can will reduce carbon emissions from power plants. And every little bit adds up.

See what the Environmental Protection Agency says about how you can make a difference.