Schools & Teachers

Classroom Visits, Presentations, and Skype Sessions

Ms. Conyer visits classrooms at all grade levels (K-12) for presentations on a variety of topics related to science and language arts.

Find out more about class presentations, or contact her through the link above.

Teacher-Led Discussions

Restricted Waters is being used in classrooms to foster discussions about topics relevant to Language Arts, Social Studies, the Environment and Marine Sciences. Classroom guide materials will be available soon.

Sample Discussion Questions

Below is a sample list of questions discussion questions from the free classroom guide that will soon be available for download. If you need materials sooner, please contact the author at the link above.

1) Describe Alannis’s relationship with Jake, Candace, and Sully. What aspect of her personality does each relationship reveal? How do these relationships change during the expedition?

2) How does Alannis’s background influence her desire to join the expedition? Why does she feel she needs to prove herself to the scientific team?

3) When Alannis believes Jake is jealous that she is exploring with Ra’Ook, Jake snaps at her, “Jealous? Of what, your fishboy?” What does his choice of words imply about Alannis’s feelings for Ra’Ook? About Jake’s feelings for her? What does his use of the word “fishboy” say about Jake’s attitude toward Ra’Ook?

4) English writer William Hazlitt said “Prejudice is the child of ignorance.” What does he mean? What role does ignorance play in Jake’s feelings toward Ra’Ook? What about fear? Jealousy?

5) The Fouling was planted by the Mers, but it spread rapidly in its new environment until it covered everything. Why didn’t it do the same in the Cubbarros Islands? What role did petroleum oil and bacteria play in the ability of the Fouling to invade coastal towns?

6) Explain why the Commission wants to keep the Mers a secret? What do you think might happen if people knew about the Mers? Would it change the way people view their own place in the world? Would all people accept the Mers?

7) Do you think the Commission is afraid of the Mers in some way? What evidence does the author give for this?

8) Can you describe any parallels between the Mer’s experience with humans and cultural events in history? Provide examples. Explain similarities and differences?

9) Why do Ra’Ook and Sha’Ohm think people have been attacking the Mers? How might human activity look like an attack to someone living in the ocean?

10) Alannis tells Sha’Ohm that if people knew about Mers. “. . .They would stop destroying your oceans. Everything would change.” Does Alannis believe that’s true? Do you?

11) Scientists have explored only a tiny fraction of the oceans. Can you explain why? What technological obstacles do ocean explorers face?

12) What does it mean when the color of Ra’Ook and Sha’Ohm’s skin shifts from blue to red or orange? What real-life animals change color to communicate emotions? Did you include humans?